Arc Quenching Suppression And Elimination Overvoltage Switchgear

Arc quenching suppression and elimination overvoltage switchgear.In the 3 ~ 35K V neutral point ungrounded system, the development process of single-phase grounding fault is generally: intermittent arc grounding → stable arc grounding → metal grounding. The overvoltage is the most serious when the intermittent arc is grounded, and the overvoltage of the non-faulty phase can reach 3.15~3.5 times of the normal operating phase voltage, or even higher.

Many power system operation experiences show that in 3~35KV neutral point ungrounded systems, the development process of single-phase ground faults is generally: interstitial arc grounding → stable arc grounding → metal grounding. The overvoltage is most serious when interstitial arc grounding occurs, and the overvoltage of the non-faulty phase can reach 3.15~3.5 times of the normal operating phase voltage, or even higher. Such high overvoltage acting on the power grid for a long time will cause insulation damage to electrical equipment and systems.
Accumulated damage will form insulation weak points, which will lead to ground breakdown and eventually lead to phase-to-phase short circuit accidents, and will also cause the following accidents:
★Breakdown of the insulation of electrical equipment (especially insulation breakdown of motors);
★Cable blasting phenomenon;
★The voltage transformer is oversaturated and can easily excite ferromagnetic resonance, causing the PT to burn out;
★When the overvoltage energy exceeds the energy that the arrester can withstand, it will cause the arrester to explode.
In response to the above problems, our company developed the
The third generation BWKX intelligent arc suppression, harmonic suppression and voltage protection device.

Applicable scope of the device

★This device is suitable for 3~35KV medium voltage power system;
★This device is suitable for applications where the neutral point is not grounded, the neutral point is grounded via an arc suppression coil, or the neutral point is grounded.
High-resistance grounded power systems;
★This device is suitable for power grids dominated by cable lines and hybrid power grids of cables and overhead lines.
and a power grid dominated by overhead lines.

How the device works
When the system is running normally, the open triangle voltage U is very small, and the controller panel shows that it is in operation. Whether there is a fault or not is mainly determined by the open triangle voltage U
judge. When U changes from low level to high level, it indicates that the system fails. At this time, the microcomputer arc suppression controller starts immediately and outputs the secondary signal according to the PT
The changes in Ua, Ub, and Uc are used to determine the type and phase of the fault. If arc grounding occurs in phase A, the phase A vacuum contactor is commanded to close to ground, converting the arc phase into a metallic grounding, and the arc in phase A is eliminated. Phases B and C can be deduced in this way.


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1. The user should provide the relevant system rated voltage, primary system diagram and cabinet size diagram as the basis for the design of the overvoltage monitoring and suppression cabinet. 2. The size of the cabinet can be finalized only after it is designed by our company’s engineers and signed and confirmed by the user.
3. The user should clarify the functions of the device (including basic functions and optional functions). If there are any special requirements, they should be put forward when ordering.
4. If you need other additional accessories or spare parts, please indicate the required “name, specifications and quantity” when ordering

Packaging, transportation and storage
1. Packaging: Generally, it is packaged in wooden boxes, and the base of the cabinet should be fixed on the bottom plate of the packaging box;
2. Transportation: It is not suitable to be transported over long distances on highways below level three. The packaging can be dismantled when necessary. Important components should not be transported by road as much as possible; 3. Storage: When not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse and should not be outdoors for a long time. store.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance

1. Our company is responsible for drawing design and parameter selection according to the user’s requirements. After the equipment is assembled and debugged, it can only be shipped out of the factory after passing the inspection by professional inspectors. If the user needs it, our company can be responsible for on-site guidance and debugging services, and the user will provide necessary cooperation and assistance;
2. The equipment does not require maintenance and repair when it is working normally;
3. As long as the user abides by the rules of storage and use, if the product is damaged and cannot work properly due to quality reasons within 12 months from the date of shipment, the company will replace or repair the product free of charge for the user;
4. The company implements lifelong maintenance of equipment and provides spare parts at preferential prices for a long time.

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